Top ten World’s Fastest Production Cars 2013

Jaguar XJ220:

World's Fastest Cars

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Yes it’s Jaguar! Born in 1992, the Xj220 has still guts to make place in this World’s fastest cars list!

The twin turbo V6 engine, 542Hp helps the car to make 217Mp/h, 0-60mp in 3.8 sec and in this list too!

The price was set to be 650,000 $.


Ascari A10:

Top 10 Fastest Cars

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The British car!

In the world fastest cars list , 9th is A10 from Ascari cars which has power of 4,941 cc of BMW V8 S62 engine, speed topping of 220 Mp/h and 0-60 in 2.8 sec!

With the price of 650,000 $, this car has really a British accent!
Aston martin one-77:
Worlds Fastest Aston Martin

The Aston always reminds of Bond!

In the list of top 10 fastest cars, the rare one-77 holds a position! As the name indicates only 77 pieces of beauty were sold which can accelerate up-to 354 KM/h, 0-60 MP/h in just 2.8 seconds!

The beauty is powered by 750hp from engine of v12, 7.3litre. Purchase price is 1,850,000 $.

Gumpert Apollo:

Worlds Fastest Cars

The Weird name but sexy design!

The 650hp beast resting inside the masterpiece of beauty, the car has ability to go 362km/h! WithV8 engine of 4.2litre, it only costs 450,000$ and the features include best one of seating (among sports group cars), upside opening doors and still it is street legal car! Debate-able thing about this beauty is that manufactures claim that it can run upside-down in tunnel with 190mp/h plus!

I suggest it should be tested!

Zenvo ST1:

Top ten Fastest Cars

1,225,000$ price car with 1,104hp powered twin charged 7.0litre V8 engine has enough power to run 374km/h!!

Only produced to just 15 units, it is the real gem to collect!

Mclaren F1:

Old Record Holder for worlds fastest Car

Yes its still in the list of world’s fastest cars!

It is the car which set the record of world’s fastest production road car on 31st march 1998 and still has it!

It can go to 391km/h due to 6064cc engine, 8300rpm and you’ll go to 320km(or 200mp) in just 28 second! Another amazing thing about the car is it still has capacity for 7th gear!

106 F1’s were made but only 65 were sold!

The look is really decent and it features 3 seats with two doors! The driver in center and two girls on side, Pitbull style! The price is 970,000$.

Saleen S7 twin turbo:

List for Top 10 Fastest Cars

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The hand-built!

Hand-built by Steve Saleen, the 750 horsepower with speed of 399km/h, it is the best of best car in world’s top ten fastest car list!

It was upgraded in 2005 from S7 to S7 twin turbo and in 2006 it offered an upgrade package of boosting power to 1000 horsepower and several carbon fiber changes.

If you have observed Ferrari F50, you’ll mistake S7 for F50 because the front is almost same.

It can drive you from 0-200mp/h in just 27sec!

SSC-Ultimate Aero:

3rd Worlds Fastest Car

0-60 in 2.7 sec with the max speed of 413km/h,this car is what beauty with power is called!

The car has powerful v8 engine of 1183hp and was World Record holder in 2007 but it was downed by KoenigseggAgera R but SSC (Shelby Super Cars) is still working to get the title back!

Its base price is 654,400 $.

TranStar Racing Dagger GT:

Worlds Fastest Car to be

Click Image of Car for Full View

The official website of TranStar Racing claims that the Dagger GT has 2700hp with power to go to 315mp/h.

They call it American muscle with European style.

The main features of car include 3 night vision back cameras with viewing of 9inch monitor,

Six models, three street and three racing models, and they claim to have the quarter mile in under 6.6 seconds but transmission is still 6speed!

According to the Manufacturers, car is capable of running faster than the Bugatti, but the car is yet to be released in 2013 !

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport:

Worlds Fastest Car yet

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Yes the Veyron ! The Fastest and the most expensive car in production.

0-60mp/h in 2.4 seconds is the ultimate dream of every speed lover and Bugatti has got us it!

The world’s fastest cars list will never be complete without this magnificent world’s number one fastest car (The Fastest Car yet.)

The one of a kind narrow angle 8litre v16 engine producing 1200 horse-power, the car has the world’s fastest car title today! The base price of the beauty is 1,700,000$

It was manufactured in Molsheim, France by the Bugatti Automobile company.

The company provides the facility of modifying the interior and exterior of the car on the official website through an Application. It has a 7 speed transmission, and adjustments of speed.

The total units are said to be 300 in numbers!

The company has released many versions of Bugatti to attract costumers which are about 15 in number and all have different features and slight modifications in engine/transmission.


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